Tuesday, 10 April 2018

sensory life - RED INSTEAD 10

I've written about sensory stuff on here before, when trying to make sense of the issues and come up with some practical solutions.

I'm not sure re-hashing my specific sensory profile here is productive. I seek some, I avoid some, I get confused when stress makes me avoid something I usually seek or vica virca.

the most infuriating thing is that I had to make sense of it on my own. if I attempt to crowd source answers, I get a whole lot of "if your child does X, Y might help". fine, parents need help too, but:

- every time I read the words "your child", it's a reminder that people like me don't matter to the experts.

- many issues that I have as an adult are ignored. "your child" might have issues with food & clothing, but they probably don't have to cook for themselves or go to job interviews. there probably are ways to make formal clothing more comfortable, but I can't google them because everything is so kid-focused so I have to work everything out for myself.

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