Sunday, 1 April 2018

philosophical confusion, RED INSTEAD part 2.

so, what do I love about being autistic?

what is being autistic?

because that's what it comes down to, right? for the question to have meaning, I have to know what it means to be autistic. to know what it means to be autistic, I need to be able to separate "me, Jude" from "Jude's autism". if I'm not separable, the whole question twists. how does being me affect me, and how much of that do I love?

I'm not separable.

so, which ways that being me affects me do I love? well...

...thinking in 3 dimensions? that seems like a "me" thing. at polymer clay events, I can see my planned pieces so much more clearly than other people seem to see theirs. I get an idea, I run some brain "simulations" for making that idea, iron out some of the issues, then try it. it doesn't always work out, but it's usually close. not everyone seems to run the brain simulations.

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