Saturday, 14 April 2018

routine - RED INSTEAD14

I don't need routines, except when I do.

I didn't think I needed routine, because doing things outside an arbitrary, prescribed order causes me no anxiety. I'm not Sheldon Cooper, insisting that Tuesday night is laundry night. I'm more of an "erm, what day is it today?" person.

and that's why I need routine. if Tuesday night was laundry night, but I have to do something else on a given Tuesday, I could do laundry on Monday or Wednesday. if I don't have a planned laundry time, undergarment emergency day becomes laundry day. if I'm busy on a given Undergarment Emergency Day, I can't do it the day before due to lack of time machine, and I can't do it the day after because it's Undergarment Emergency Day. I become Sheldon and I hate it.

routines are great, because they take the brain out of the equation. an established routine means almost mindlessly following the steps rather than having to remember all the things I need to do. the problem comes with establishing the routines in the first place.

I've felt out of step recently. I love my new job, but the hours feel really chaotic. I work evenings & overnight when my metamour works. they follow a 5 week rota, with 1 "relief week" which could be literally anything and they can't tell me until they find out a week before. I sort of have 2 homes, which need different routines, and struggle to switch between home-Lambeth mode and home-Croydon mode, so days are lost pissing about online in the executive function equivalent of jet lag. the result is I feel like I have no time for projects I want to do. hmm.

now I have something to think about, at least.

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