Sunday, 1 April 2018


scraping in at just after midnight, I've decided too late to blog every day in April for autism acceptance. I'm following a meme that had 30 days of prompts. the prompts are....

- intro
- what I love about being autistic
- my diagnosis story
- coming out reactions
- special interests
- supports and appriciation
- autistic comunity
- favourite autistic blog
- favourite autistic-owned business
- sensory life
- stims
- favourite charity
- family
- routine
- everyone should know
- work/school
- accomodations
- someday
- I hate it when
- communication
- one thing other people don't understand
- dispel a myth
- can't live without
- political issues
- symbols
- favourite autism book
- identity language
- dealing with meltdowns
- famous autistics
- acceptance means

...we'll see how long this lasts.

(the meme also had hashtags. I am not brave enough to add those hashtags. I expect to write stuff that will anger the Autism Moms(tm). I expect to write stuff that will anger autistics, especially autistic men. I am choosing not to engage with that anger)

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