Monday, 1 September 2014

in search of Questions.

today I got up early and checked my emails. I did this mostly so that the fear of doing so didn't paralyze me into not checking them for the next 2 weeks. in my inbox was a reply to one of the 3 emails I had sent out that were responsible for this fear, a manageable but surprisingly varied spam collection, and a new post notification from a blog I follow. here is that blog post:

the last paragraph (emphasis mine):

"And this is why having a diagnosis can be a great thing.  It allows us the knowledge we need to not only be a little easier and less judgmental on ourselves when things don’t quite go to plan, however it also allows us to use the same tools as our kids so that we too, can navigate this world which isn’t quite meant for us."

it's not even the main point of the post, but it never occurred to me before. Linda can modify stuff for Autistic kids to help her navigate this adult thing. I can modify stuff for Autistic kids to help me navigate this adult thing. and stuff for dyspraxic kids. andandand...'s not perfect. it still means braving places that centre NT parents in ND conversations. there will be toxic self pity. it still means hearing the wrong questions and "well intentioned" abuse. I'll have to translate it all into practical relevance, and many important questions will be missed entirely. but there is a use.

I just have to neurofab it up. and grow it up. and not let the bastards get me down.

there is hope.

(the scary email was good news, btw. just waiting on the other 2)

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