Tuesday, 24 June 2014

pocket full of teeth

here is a craft project.

firstly, if you are following a link from ravelry, I should probably warn you, there is very little yarn content in this blog. it is mainly used as a place of ranting by a queer, neurodiverse 20-something. there is sex and stimming and swearing and no guarantee that you will be interested in any of the themes explored in any of the other posts.

this post, however, is a pattern.

as part of a long term mission to bring a sense of order to my life, I have been making little pockets. the knitted ones are smaller versions of simply seamless pouch. the crochet ones, however, are my own original design.

gauge isn't really important, but pick a yarn & hook combination that produces a sturdy fabric in UK DC/US SC. from now on, I will be using UK terms only. I used a 2mm hook and fingering weight yarn.

chain until your foundation chain measures the width of your desired pouch, plus 1. DC in 2nd ch from hook and all remaining ch. DC again in last ch, and continue along the other side of the foundation ch.

when you get back to the start, DC in 1st DC, then 1 DC in each DC of previous row. continue spiralling upwards in this way for 1-1.5".

you have now formed the fip-top of your pocket. DC to the next corner (ie, just above an end of your foundation chain), ch1, turn, DC in each DC from the previous row until you reach the other corner. ch1, turn, DC in each DC. continue in this way, crocheting back & forth until the length (from foundation chain to end) is equal to the height of your desired pocket.

you now have the flip-top and back. to start the next row, sl st to the end of previous row, DC in each DC, sl st to beginning of previous row, sl st to end of next row up, turn, DC in each DC, sl st to beginning. continue to work back and forth, up the front of your pocket, sl st-ing to form the side seams.

when you get to the bottom of the flip top, turn it inside out and continue sl st'ing to the sides on what will be the inside of the top, until 1/4" from the foundation chain. cast off & weave in ends.

when I make pockets to this pattern, there is a tendancy to curl. this might be because I twist stitches somehow, but if not I have found that this becomes less pronounced as the piece gets bigger. if it still wants to twist, this effect will disappear completely after a day or 2 under a heavy book.

optional teeth...

DC red "gums" across the edge of the flip top. with white yarn, Sl in 1st red DC, then ch 6.

DC in 2nd ch from hook, then in next 3 ch. Sl in 2nd red DC, turn.

Sl in 3rd red DC, DC in 2nd white DC, then DC in each of the remaining 2 DCs, turn.

ch 1, DC in 1st & 2nd DC, Sl in 4th red DC, turn.

you have now formed a tooth. repeat these instructions across the opening.

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