Saturday, 13 February 2016

cat memes and competence

so, a meme came up on my facebook feed...

When petting cats be sure not to activate their murder button
...fuck right off.

there is another, older meme/t-shirt slogan...(that didn't appear on the first page of the google search)

"cat communication is not defective dog communication"

...and us Autistics, felines and assorted others do NOT have "murder buttons".

an incomplete list of Autistics & cats I've shared my life with would include 1 relative, 1 ex partner, 8 I've shared a bed with, 9 I've shared a bedroom with, 11 I've lived with for at least 2 years each, 3 classmates and my union representative. in all my exposure to these individuals, I've never known a single one of them swipe without warning.

I've known a lot of them give "no" and "stop" signals that I swear could be seen from space and understood perfectly by any alien civilisation that might be watching at the time. I've seen these signals ignored by people who claim to love them. fuck that shit.

oh, and we're not above doing it to each other. I saw one name on that hypothetical list turn another upside down against her wishes about an hour ago. he wouldn't put her down, even when I pointed out that she didn't like 1. being upside down & 2. being brought into that specific room.

I know sometimes we have to go to the vets/dentists/wear collars etc. but most of the time? ignoring the signals is a matter of preference for those who have power over us.

(as for how I feel about having my neurology used to question my species? I'm not sure. I get what they're getting at, but I'm no less human than anyone else)

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